The Aldrich Family (situation comedy)

      (NBC Primetime, 1949 - 1953)
      [based on long-running radio series]

Theme 1: "Aldrich Opening"

    [also heard on radio, 
     Jack Miller theme credit from collector Ray Clark]

     Composer: music by Jack Miller (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher:   
     Copyright Date:

Theme 2: "All The World's A Wonderland (When You're In Your Teens)"

    [a 1961 renewal for this work includes the words: "suggested by 
     the theme of 'The Aldrich family'." So it's possible the THEME was written as
     an earlier instrumental.
     At one time it was rumored that Jack Miller was a pseudonym of Nelson Cogane --
     that perhaps they were the same person. That rumor may have started since
     both men died in 1985. But it is a not true.
     Jack Miller (September 4, 1895 - March 18, 1985) was a music director of the Kate Smith
     Show, as well as Mollé Mystery Theater and The Aldrich Family. He was a composer/arranger
     who died at the age of 89.
     Nelson Cogane (December 25, 1902 - July, 1985) was a lyricist who wrote the words to songs
     including "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)" and "The Clarinet Polka", as well as
     this song based upon Jack Miller's instrumental radio theme. He passed away at the age
     of 82.]

     Composers: music by Jack Miller (ASCAP), and
                lyric by Nelson Cogane (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Macap Music Publishers, Inc.
                        [in ASCAP Bio Dict 1952 under "Miller"]

     2001 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP ACE database
                      under the composer "Nelson Cogane", 
                      but without publisher]
     2018 Publisher: [Not found in the ASCAP ACE database or
                      the BMI Repertoire database]

     Copyright Date:

Theme 3: "This Is It", from the 1939 Broadway musical "Stars In Your Eyes"

    [also heard on radio, theme credit in Stetcheson Song Guide]

     Composers: music by Arthur Schwartz (ASCAP), with
                lyric by Dorothy Fields (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Chappell & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

     1997 Publishers: The Songwriters Guild (ASCAP), of
                         Weehawken, NJ; and
                         Arthur Schwartz Music, Ltd., of
                         Upper Nyack, NY
     Copyright Date:
          78rpm single: by Artie Shaw  

Secondary Theme: "Aldrich Sub-Theme"

     Composer: Charles F. Paul (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)
         [as seen in ASCAP Index 1954 and 1978 Indexes of Performed Compositions]

     1997 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP Repertoire, but no pub.]
     2018 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP Repertoire, but no pub.]

     Copyright Date:

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