The Arthur Murray Party (ballroom dancing)

    (ABC,    1950;
     Dumont, 1950 - 1951;
     ABC,    1951 - 1952;
     CBS,    1952;
     Dumont, 1952 - 1953;
     CBS,    1953;
     NBC,    1953 - 1955;
     CBS,    1956;
     NBC,    1957 - 1960)

    [This series might be considered the "grandfather of the
     info-mercial, since it was a promotion for the dance lessons
     taught at Arthur Murray Dance Studios across the country.
     Amazing that it was given slots in the evening hours on
     all three networks for a decade.]

Theme: "Tales From The Vienna Woods (Waltz), Opus 325"

    [Orig. Title: "Geschicten aus dem Wienerwald" (Walzer), Opus 325]

     Composer: Johann Strauss II (predates ASCAP & BMI)

     Original Publisher: C. A. Spina, Vienna, Austria
     2000 Publisher: [in the Public Domain]

     Orig. Publication Date: June 25, 1868.
     Copyright Date:

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