They Stand Accused (courtroom drama)

   (DuMont, 1949 - 1952 & 1954)
   [This series dramatized actual court cases, one of the first
     such programs on TV. The opening of the series had cue music
     behind the narrator who introduced the principal parties in
     the courtroom, which then segued to the dramatized proceedings.
     The closing credits theme was John Ireland's stirring "Epic
     March", which was also used later for "Eyewitness To History."]

Closing Credits Theme: Epic March

     Composer: John Ireland (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Hawkes & Son (ASCAP),
     sole selling agent: Boosey & Hawkes, Limited
     1997 Publishers: Hawkes & Son (ASCAP)
     Original Copyright: 1942, on photocopy of orchestral score

     U.S. Copyright Date: Sep. 25, 1942; EF 67 368.
     U.S. Renewal   Date: Oct.  7, 1969; R 470 056.

          78rpm single: Boosey & Hawkes Mood Music Library


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