Top Secret [British] (espionage adventure)

    (Syndicated, 1961)

    [an import produced by the British company Associated-Rediffusion 
     Television chronicling the exploits of fictional secret agents
     played by William Franklyn, Patrick Cargill and Alan Rothwell;

     This is not to be confused with "Top Secret U.S.A." which was
     an earlier series produced by MCA-Revue and Syndicated in 1954]

Theme: "Sucu-Sucu"

    [English vocal title: "Step Right Up (And Say You Love Me)";
     British composer Laurie Johnson scored episodes]

     Composers: Tarateno Rojas (Argentine SADAIC/ASCAP/BMI) and
                Rene Jan Van Hoogten (Belgian SABAM/ASCAP/BMI), with
                English lyric by Ray Maxwell (Belgian SABAM/ASCAP/BMI) and 
                Phil Belmonte (BMI)

     Orig. Publishers:

     2001 Publishers: Ray Maxwell Music Publishing Co. (BMI);
                      EMI-Grove Park Music, Inc. (BMI)
                         c/o EMI Music Publishing
                         of New York, NY; and
                      Harvard Music, Inc. (ASCAP)       

    [filed on the English-language Vocal version]: 
     US Copyright Date: Dec.  1, 1961; EP 160 442.
     US Renewal   Date: Oct. 18, 1989; RE-464-107.


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