Truth or Consequences (quiz show)

    (CBS Primetime, 1950 - 1951, with host Ralph Edwards;
     NBC Daytime,   1952,        with host Ralph Edwards;
     NBC Daytime,   1954 - 1956, with host Jack Bailey;
     NBC Daytime,   1956 - 1965, with host Bob Barker;
     NBC Primetime, 1958,        with host Steve Dunne;
     Syndicated,    1966 - 1974, with host Bob Barker;
     Syndicated,    1977,        with host Bob Hilton;
     Syndicated,    1987 - 1988, with host Larry Anderson)

    [aka: "The New Truth or Consequences", in 1977;

     It evolved from the NBC radio quiz show of the same name, which
     debuted in 1940 hosted by Ralph Edwards -- with radio announcer 
     Bud Collyer -- who went on to be a TV game-show host himself
     in the 1960s. The radio series moved to CBS radio in 1951;
     Ralph Edwards Productions produced all versions on radio/TV.]

Theme 1 (1950 - 1956): "Truth or Consequences Signature Theme"

    [adapted from the nursery tune
     aka: "Merrily We Roll Along",
     aka: "Mary Had a Little Lamb", 

     in a copyrighted arrangement by Jack Fascinato; 
     later words were added by "Tennessee Ernie" Ford, a popular
     TV personality and vocalist who had his own series, and
     for whom Jack Fascinato worked and made arrangements
     of hymns for records and TV series; Organists Buddy Cole
     and Don Isham played this THEME for the show]

     Adapters/Arrangers: music by Jack Fascinato (ASCAP)
                         [pseudonym of Arthur L. Fascinato],
                         lyric added by Ernest J. ("Tennessee Ernie") Ford (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Vera Nova Music (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: Vera Nova Music (ASCAP),
                        of Palm Springs, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Theme 2 (for Bob Barker version in the 1960s): "Stop Gap"

    [aka: "Stop Gap (Theme for Truth or Consequences)";
     aka: "Truth or Consequences Thme";
     by Robert Sharples (ASCAP); Wilfred Burns writer credit and 
     theme credit in liner notes to CD "Music for "TV Dinners";
     Emil Ascher, Inc. in New York was the U.S. distributor of 
     Conroy and KPM production music, who is credited in ASCAP
     for the purpose of collecting U.S. performance royalties.]

     Composer: Robert Sharples (British PRS/ASCAP)
              [pseudonym of Wilfred Burns]

     Orig. Publisher: Berry Music Co. Ltd. (PRS/ASCAP)
                        of London, England, UK

     1978 Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: Conroy Music 
                        Division of KPM Music Library (British PRS/ASCAP)

     Sole US Selling Agent: Associated Production Music

     British Copyright Date: 1961
     U.S. Copyright Date: [not found]
     U.S. Renewal   Date: [not found]

          LP: KPM Production Music Library (British)
              KPM 93: Cut 10

          CD Re-issue: "Music for TV Dinners"
                        credited to Wilfred Burns (KPM)
                        Scamp Records SCP 9721-2, (1997)
                        a division of Caroline Records 
                        This collection (c) Associated 
                        Production Music.

Theme 3 (circa 1964): Get Happy

    [Composers and theme credit in the article "N B C Theme Music"
     published February 15, 1964 in the Dover Reporter, Dover, OH.
     This was the first product of the collaboration between Arlen & 
     Koehler, introduced in the 1930 musical The 9:15 Revue.]
     Composers: music by Harold Arlen (ASCAP), and
                lyrics by Theodore K. ("Ted") Koehler (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Remick Music Corporation (ASCAP),
                        of New York City, New York

     1998 Publisher: 

     Copyright Date: Feb. 26, 1930; E Pub 13 654.
     Renewal   Date: Feb. 26, 1957; R    186 744.

Theme 4 (1977): "from New Truth or Consequences Cues"

     Composer: Hal Smith Hidey (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: Rabar Music Co. (ASCAP)
                        c/o Ralph Edwards Productions,
                        of Hollywood, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

Theme 5 (1987): "Truth or Consequences Theme"

    [The name on copyright filing is "S. Felder"]

     Composer: Susan Pickersgill Felder (BMI)

     Orig. Publisher: Consequences Music Co. (BMI)
                         of Los Angeles, CA

     2002 Publishers: Consequences Music Co. (BMI)
                         of Los Angeles, CA; and
                      Lorimar Music Bee Corp. (BMI)
                         c/o Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
                         of Los Angeles, CA

    ["...Theme" in the form of a cassette sound recording]:
     Copyright Date: Dec. 8, 1987; PA-348-502.
     Renewal   Date:
    ["'Truth or Consequences' Collection 1"", aka:
     "Truth or Consequences Music Collection Number 1",
      in the form of a cassette sound recording]:
     Copyright Date: Dec. 7, 1987; PPA-350-653.
     Renewal   Date:

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