Here's Edie (musical-variety, starring Edie Adams)

    (ABC Primetime, 1963 - 1964)

    [aka: "The Edie Adams Show";

     Comedian Ernie Kovac's widow, vocalist Edie Adams had her 
     own show in 1963, alternating with "The Sid Caesar Show" 
     (which see) on Thursday nights]

Theme: "J'Attends un Navire", from "Marie Galante"

    [aka: "I Wait For A Ship", from "Marie Galante";

     The sentimental novel "Marie Galante" by French playwright 
     Jacques Déval was the basis for this late musical play by
     German born composer Kurt Weill (1900 - 1950) who was best
     known for his "Three Penny Opera" and the song "Mortitat"
     which was adapted into a jazz song called "Mack The Knife";

     The musical play "Marie Galante" in ten scenes premiered
     at the Théâtre de Paris in December, 1934 and was the beginning
     of a new style for Weill, quite different from his earlier
     works in Berlin; they seemed almost French in spirit;

     The wartime plot involves an espionage agent who teams up
     with a kidnapped dance-hall girl to foil a plan to sabotage
     the Panama Canal.

     The next year Weill (1935) emigrated to the United States
     where his music became popular; His many connections among
     admirers in the Broadway theatre helped him establish a
     successful career;

     The same year the play premiered in Paris, a movie of 
     "Marie Galante" appeared starring Spencer Tracy, with
     Helen Morgan singing a couple of songs;

     This song from "Marie Galante" was apparently a favorite
     melody of Edie Adams who used it for her THEME song]

     Composers: music by Kurt Weill (ASCAP), with
                French lyric by Jacques Boularan (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Henry Heugel, et cie (SACEM)

     1978 Publishers: Henry Heugel, et cie (SACEM) and
                      Hampshire House Pub. Corp. (ASCAP)

     2002 Publishers: Henry Heugel, et cie (SACEM)
                         of Paris, France;
                      European-American Music Distributors Corp. (ASCAP)
                         of Miami, FL; and
                      Theodore Presser Company (ASCAP)
                         of King of Prussia, PA

     Composition Date: 1934

     U.S. Copyright Date:
     U.S. Renewal   Date: 


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