Finder Of Lost Loves (detective drama, starring Tony Franciosa)

     (ABC Primetime, 1984 - 1985)

     [Tony Franciosa starred as a private investigator specializing
      in tracking down "lost loves" -- old boyfriends/girlfriends,
      missing "star-crossed lovers" -- a kind of romantic fantasy
      of a detective drama]

Theme: "Finder Of Lost Loves (Theme)(Opening & Closing)"

    [BMI title variations...
     aka: "Finder Of Lost Loves Main Title";
     aka: "Finder Of Lost Loves End Credits";
     The THEME was performed by Dionne Warwick]

     Composers: Burt F. Bacharach (ASCAP); and
                Carole Bayer Sager (BMI)

     Orig. Publishers:

     2001 Publishers: New Hidden Valley Music Co. (ASCAP)
                          c/o WB Music Co.
                          a div. of Warner-Chappell Music Co.
                          of Los Angeles, CA;
                      SVO Music (ASCAP)
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                      Carole Bayer Sager Music (BMI)
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                      Ensign Music Corporation (BMI)
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                      Spelling Ventures Music (BMI)
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     Copyright Date:


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