Grand Ole Opry (country music)

    [The long-running radio series originated in Nashville, TN in 1925, at the
     studios of radio station WSM, which had been founded by "The National
     Life and Accident Insurance Company Inc." This company also housed the radio
     station in the same building at first, and sponsored the radio series from
     1925 - 1934. The company president, C. A. Craig. was credited as the co-writer 
     of the THEME song when the show changed its name from its original title -- 
    "The WSM Barn Dance" -- to the "Grand Ole Opry".
     The radio series changed sponsors, and was housed in larger auditoriums as its
     popularity grew through the early 1950's. Finally, in 1955 the first attempt 
     was made to make it into a TV series.]

    (ABC, 1955 - 56)
    (Syndicated, 1955 - 57)
    (Syndicated, 1985 - )

Theme: "Grand Ole Opry Tonight [aka: At the Grand Ole Opry Tonight], adapted from 'Red River Valley'"

    [also registered below under the title: "Opry Theme";
     This THEME was adapted from the familiar Canadian folk Song "Red River Valley",
     although no mention of this fact was found in either registration below.]
     Composer(s): *Traditional* [Folk song], and
                  adapted by C. A. Craig (n/a)
                 [professional name of Cornelius Abernathy Craig], and
                  Willis S. Graham (BMI)

     Original Publisher: M. M. Cole Publishing Co. (BMI)
                            of Chicago, IL

     1967 Publisher: Al Gallico Music Corp. (BMI)
                         of Nashville, TN
     2018 Publisher: EMI Al Gallico Music Corp. (BMI)
                         of Nashville, TN
     Creation Date: circa 1927.

    [Copyright 1942 registered as part of the sheet music folio book (compilation)
     titled "Song Favorites of WSM Grand Ole Opry" by the Staff of radio station WSM,
     published by M. M. Cole Publishing Co. of Chicago, registered as follows]:
     Copyright Date: Oct. 16, 1942; EP 109 134.
     Renewal   Date: Feb. 24, 1970; R  496 749.
    [The first time the THEME was registered individually by itself was under the
     title "Opry Theme" approximately 40 years after its creation -- in 1967]:
     Unpublished Copyright Date: June 14, 1967; EU 397.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date: [not found]
     Published Copyright Date: Aug. 11, 1967; EP 234 967.
     Published Renewal   Date: [not found]

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