Coke Time with Eddie Fisher (music)

      (ABC Primetime, 1953 - 1957)

Opening Jingle: "Coca-Cola Signature"

    [aka: "Coca-Cola Waltz" and 
     aka: "The Coca-Cola Company Theme";

     Leonard Joy also composed "When Shadows Fall", was A & R Dir. 
     RCA Victor 1933; and A & R Dir. Decca Records in 1944]

     Composer: Leonard W. Joy (ASCAP)

     Original Claimant: Leonard W. Joy, of Glen Ridge, NJ

     1997 Publisher: [none listed in ASCAP or BMI Repertoire]

     2001 Publisher: [not found in ASCAP or BMI Repertoire databases]
    [original composition by claimant Leonard W. Joy]: 
     Unpublished Copyright Date: Aug. 1, 1930; Eu 25 728.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date:

    [arrangement under title "Coca-Cola Waltz"
        arranged by Nathan Van Cleave & Andre Kostelantez
        copyright filed by The Coca-Cola Company of Wilmington, DE]:
     Unpublished Arrangement Copyright Date: Jul. 10, 1941; Eu 263 995.
     Unpublished Arrangement Renewal   Date:
    [published version registered by The Coca-Cola Co.]:
     Published Copyright Date: Nov. 27, 1942; EP 110 007.
     Published Renewal   Date: Mar.  5, 1970; R  480 174.

     Recordings [under title "The Coca-Cola Company Theme"]: 
          LP: "Great Music Themes of Television" (1956)
               RCA-Victor LPM 1020
               Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra
         LP:  "Great Music Themes of Early Television" (1984)
               Franklin Mint-1 (re-issue of RCA LPM 1020)
               Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra

Theme 2: "May I Sing To You?"

     [title and composer information as registered"]

     Composers: Charles Tobias (ASCAP),
                Harry Akst (ASCAP), and
                Eddie Fisher (not affiliated)

     1978 Publishers: Blackstone Music Inc. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publishers: Blackstone Music Inc. (ASCAP), and
                      Chedd Music (ASCAP)
                      of Naples, FL

     Copyright Date: Dec. 9, 1953; Eu 340 600.
     Renewal   Date: Jan. 5, 1981; RE- 90-455.

          10" LP: "May I Sing To You"
                   Eddie Fisher, vocals
                   RCA LPM-3185 (1954)

          12" LP: "May I Sing To You"
                   Eddie Fisher, vocals
                   RCA LPM-1181 (1955)

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