Follow The Sun (adventure, starring Barry Coe and Brett Halsey)

    (ABC Primetime, 1961 - 1962)

    [an adventure series set in scenic Hawaii focusing on the
     adventures of a couple of investigative journalists --
     sort of "Route 66" meets "Adventures In Paradise"; Gary
     Lockwood (who was to star in "The Lieutenant" in 1963)
     played a student who assisted the journalists]

Theme: "Follow The Sun (from 'Follow The Sun')"

    [above is title as filed for copyright;

     Verified as the THEME in TV Guide article "Looking
     For A Lost Chord?" April 28, 1962, pp. 12-13;]

     Composer: Sonny Burke (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Joseph Francis Burke]

     1978 Publisher:

     1989 Publisher: Twentieth Century Music Corporation (BMI)

     2001 Publisher: [not found in ASCAP or BMI databases]

     Copyright Date: Oct. 23, 1961; Eu 692 670.
     Renewal   Date: Jan.  9, 1989; RE-418-487.


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