The Mary Tyler Moore Show (sitcom)

     (CBS Primetime, 1970 - 1977)

     [one of the venerable sitcoms of television, begun as the
      character of Mary Richards began as a novice TV reporter
      in a Minneapolis TV newsroom; the ensemble cast rounded
      out the well-written series including Ed Asner (who 
      played news director Lou Grant, the subject of a spinoff
      series), Ted Knight (who played an empty-headed self-
      absorbed anchorman), Gavin McCleod (who went on to a
      well-known role as the Captain of "The Love Boat"), 
      Valeria Harper (who played the character who was the
      title of another spinoff, Rhoda Morgenstern), Cloris
      Leachman (who played another character who was the
      title of another spinoff, Phyllis); 

      If a TV franchise can be measured in the number of
      spin-off series this was the most successful franchise
      ever established in the history of television;

      the intelligent writing and casting were probably the
      most under-credited components of this series which 
      some have called the most perfect sitcom (next to 
     "I Love Lucy")]

Theme: "Love Is All Around"

    [BMI alternate titles...
     aka: "Mary Tyler Moore Show Theme";
     aka: "Mary's Theme";

     Such a well cast and well written series seemed to have so
     many elements carefully chosen and crafted; so it's a real
     disappointment when a nondescript semi-professional song
     was chosen as the THEME, almost as an afterthought...but
     then this was the Seventies, and the trend was toward the
     kind of singer/songwriter noodlings that were typical of
     the times...]

     Composer: Sonny Curtis (BMI)

     1978 Publisher: 

     2001 Publisher: Mark Three Music (BMI)
                        c/o Copyright Management International, Inc.
                        of Nashville, TN

     Copyright Date: July 20, 1970; Eu 194 966.
     Renewal   Date: Nov. 12, 1998; RE-789-853.


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