Meet Corliss Archer (situation comedy, with Lugene Sanders)

     (CBS Primetime, 1951 - 1952;
      Syndicated, 1954)

     [based upon CBS radio series 1943 - 1955; which also
      inspired a 1949 British motion picture called "A Kiss
      For Corliss" with the teenaged Shirley Temple playing
      the character; The film was released in the U.S. under 
      the title "Almost A Bride"]

Theme 1 (1951): "A Kiss For Corliss (from the motion picture of the same name)"

    [ASCAP title variation...
     aka: "A Kiss For Corliss"]

     Composer: Werner Richard Heymann (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Chappell & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Chappell & Co., Inc. (ASCAP)
                        c/o Warner-Chappell Music, Inc.
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


Syndicated Theme 2 (1954): "Meet Corliss Archer"

    [The name of "Ray Llewellyn" was a pseudonym of David Rose, 
     Ray Bloch, and others who "ghost-wrote" for ZIV-TV series,
     and for its World Broadcasting System (WBS) music library.]

     Composer: credited to Ray Llewellyn (ASCAP/BMI)
              [pseudonym of ZIV/World Broadcasting System library writers]

     Original Publisher: Esteem Music, Inc. (BMI)

     1997 Publisher: EMI/Unart Catalog, Inc.(BMI)
                        c/o EMI Music Publishing
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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