Nurses, The (medical drama)

     [later title: "Doctors and The Nurses, The"]

     (CBS Daytime, 1962 - 65)
     (Syndicated by Viacom, 1971 - 75)
     This hour-long series was produced by Herbert Brodkin who had created
     the prestigious hit "The Defenders" about lawyers starting in 1960;
     He went on to produce "Brenner" and "Coronet Blue" for CBS. 
     "The Nurses" aired for 3 seasons on CBS Prime-Time. It featured Shirl 
     Conway and Zina Bethune as nurses at a big-city hospital.
     In 1964, two years after the series began, two male characters were 
     added, and the series changed its title to "The Doctors and The
     Nurses." Joseph Campanella played one of the new featured doctors.
     When this Prime-Time series ended in 1965, a half-hour Soap Opera named 
     "The Nurses" was created for the CBS Daytime schedule, and lasted for 
     another two years.
     In 1971 the original Prime-time series was syndicated by Viacom, the
     CBS Network's syndication division, and had a healthy after-life for 
     four more years.

Theme: "Nurses (theme), The"

     [above is the title as filed for copyright;
      ASCAP Title: "Nurses Theme (M & E)";
              aka: "Theme from 'The Nurses'"]
    [Robert Stringer had been a protégé of Herbert Stothart at MGM,
     who hired him as head of the music editing department while Stringer
     wrote concert music on the side (he loved music by Igor Stravinsky.)
     Although Stringer had cut his teeth on Broadway & Radio drama scores,
     this handsome tune was his best-known TV work. But he chose to use
     the pseudonym "Geo. Gigot" when it was published by radio-TV theme 
     publisher Emil Ascher, Inc.]
     Composer: music by George Gigot (ASCAP)
              [pseudonym of Robert Wilson Stringer]

     Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP) 
                  of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: October 2, 1962; EP 168 109.
     Renewal   Date: 

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