McMillan & Wife (police drama, starring Rock Hudson & Susan Saint James)

    (NBC Primetime, 1971 - 1977)

    [This was part of the rotating umbrella series, the "NBC Mystery
     Movie of the Week", which also included "Columbo" and "McCloud"
     in its first season along with "McMillan and Wife"; and a few
     others less successful introduced in later seasons such as
     "McCoy", "Madigan", "Banacek" and "Hec Ramsey", etc;

     This light-hearted romp had the snappy reparté reminiscent of
     the "Thin Man" series of movies featuring characters Nick and
     Nora Charles, detective and wife (and the TV series based upon
     them); Hudson starred in the role of a Police Commissioner who
     got involved in solving cases usually due to his wife's meddling
     -- probably that fact alone would qualify this as a fantasy;

     The chemistry between Hudson and his appealing co-star was another
     ingredient in the success of the series over a six-year period;
     Comedic character actors John Schuck and Nancy Walker gave the 
     series even more entertainment value... During the final season
     Susan Saint James left to pursue her own series, and the show
     shortened its name to just...

     aka: "McMillan";
     aka: "NBC Mystery Movie: McMillan & Wife"]

Theme 1: "Mystery Movie Of The Week"

    [above is the THEME created for the rotating umbrella series 
     of which "McMillan & wife" was one -- "The NBC Mystery Movie"...

     above is the title as filed for copyright; ASCAP titles
     are: "Mystery Movie (Signature)"; 
     aka: "Mystery Movie Theme"; 
     aka: "Mystery Movie Main Title"]

     Composer: Henry Mancini (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Enrico Nicola Mancini]

     1978 Publisher: Leeds Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     1998 Publisher: MCA/On Backstreet Music, Inc. (ASCAP), 
                     c/o MCA Music Publishing/
                     a division of Universal Studios, Inc.,
                     of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date: Oct. 13, 1971; Eu 283 321.
     Renewal   Date: Jan. 15, 1999; RE-801-021.


Theme 2: "McMillan and Wife (Signature)"

    [ASCAP alternate title aka: "McMillan and Wife Theme"]

     Composer: Jerry Fielding (ASCAP)
              [professional name of Jerry Feldman]

     Orig. Publisher: Leeds Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Universal/On Backstreet Music (ASCAP)
                        c/o Universal Music Publishing Group
                        a div. of Universal Studios
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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