Monty Python's Flying Circus (comedy variety)

    (PBS Primetime, 1974 - 1976;
     and various re-runs)

    [This British comedy repertory company with their irreverent
     humour began production for the BBC in 1969; Despite initial
     fears whether British style humor would be comprehensible
     by us "Yanks", it began a trek across the Atlantic which
     provided many happy returns, many other series followed;

     Some legendary British comedians were to be introduced via
     this series -- the repertory company included John Cleese and
     Michael Palin; the American Terry Gilliam who later became a
     feature film director, designed the comedic animations]

Theme: "The Liberty Bell (March)"

    [Suprising that this famous U.S. March by "The March King" --
     John Philip Sousa -- commemorating the national symbol of
     independence from Britain -- the Liberty Bell -- would become 
     the signature tune for a very independent British comedy
     troupe; but somehow it works to provide a proper "circus" 
     touch...and a touch of rebellious irony perhaps as well...

     John Philip Sousa was born in 1854 and rose to the rank of
     Bandmaster of the United States Marine Band; His first few
     marches were sold to publishers for a pittance; "The Liberty
     Bell" March was his first march published on a royalty basis; 
     it netted Sousa $40,000 in less that seven years. Sousa went
     on to form his own band which might be considered the first
     American "pop group" which toured the country earning millions; 
     Wind Band music was very popular in its day; Sousa was also
     a charter member of ASCAP when it was formed in 1914 and died
     a wealthy man.]

     Composer: John Philip Sousa (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher:

     1978 Publisher: [in the public domain]
     2001 Publisher: [in the public domain]

     Composition Date: 1893

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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