The Name's the Same (quiz)

     (ABC Primetime 1951 - 1955)
     [hosts included Robert Q. Lewis, Dennis James, the comedy
      team of Bob and Ray, and Clifton Fadiman]

Theme 1: "Shooting Star"

    [verified by comparing the Chappell track below with 
     an aircheck from the show, supplied by TV quiz-show theme 
     collector Gary Stark of Beachwood, Ohio]

     Composer: Sidney Torch (British PRS/ASCAP/BMI)

     Original Publisher: Chappell Music, Ltd. (British)
     1998 Publisher: Chappell Music, Ltd. (ASCAP)

     Composition Date: [1948, as seen in liner notes to the CD]
         78rpm in the Chappell Recorded Music library
         Chappell C267.

         CD: "Sidney Torch" in the EMI Historic Recordings series
             "British Light Music" (1992)
              EMI CDP 7 99256 2
              UK: CDHMV 2

Theme 2: "Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis"

    [verified by Mark Koldys, of Dearborn, MI, who heard this as
     the THEME when the series was re-broadcast recently on the Game
     Show Network; he explains that when Bob and Ray (and Fadiman)
     were hosts, the sponsor was Ralston-Purina, whose headquarters
     were in St. Louis, MO.]

     Composers: music by Kerry Mills (ASCAP), and
                lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: [unknown]
     1998 Publisher: [Public Domain]
     Composition Date: 1904

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