Mr. Lucky (adventure, starring John Vivyan)

    [based upon a Cary Grant movie of the same name]
    (CBS, 1959 - 1960)

Theme: "Mr. Lucky"

    [If Mancini had invented the genre of jazz-pop scoring for TV with
     his work on "Peter Gunn" in 1959, he perfected it in 1960 with his theme
     and inventive cues for "Mr. Lucky" (both produced by Blake Edwards.)
     From the "one-eyed cat" logo to the final End Title, his memorable
     stylings of television music represent some of the best work for the
     medium; And his arranging and orchestration were at the peak of its
     form during this period;
     The organist who played a smooth stylized Hammond B3 organ solo phrase
     on the popular theme recording was Buddy Cole, an L.A. based organist
     and arranger; Word has it that his feelings were hurt when Henry
     Mancini did not use him on the sequel LP "Mr. Lucky Goes Latin";
     so he thereafter accused Mancini of "stealing his sound"...
     But Mancini's sound was bigger than one solo by one instrument, as
     his later career for both motion pictures and television proved.]

     Composers: music by Henry Mancini (ASCAP)
               [professional name of Enrico Nicola Mancini], with
                lyrics added later by Jay Livingston (ASCAP), and
                Raymond B. ("Ray") Evans (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Southdale Music Corp. (ASCAP)
                         sole selling agent Larry Shayne Music.
     1997 Publishers: All Nations Music (ASCAP),
                         MCA Music Publishing (ASCAP)
                         a division of Universal Studios, Inc.,
                         and Jay Livingston Music (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date: 1959, and 1960, on Piano sheet music

          LP: "Music From Mr. Lucky" (1960)
               RCA-Victor LPM/LSP-2198
               Orchestra Conducted by Henry Mancini

          CD: "Music From Mr. Lucky"
               BMG/RCA 2198-2-R (reissue of LPM/LSP-2198)
               Orchestra Conducted by Henry Mancini

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