The Milton Berle Show (comedy variety)

    (ABC Primetime, 1966 - 1967)

    [This was the FOURTH of 4 comedy-variety series which were hosted
     by Milton Berle (known as "Mr. Television" because of the way 
     his first show caught the public's imagination and influenced 
     the growth of the medium in the late 1940s and early 1950s);
     His FIRST series was the "The Texaco Star Theater" (NBC, 1948-53),
     which see...

     His SECOND series was the "The Buick-Berle Show" (NBC, 1953-56),
     which see...
     The THIRD was "Milton Berle Starring in The Kraft Music Hall"
     (NBC, 1958-59), which see...]

Theme: "You Gotta Enjoy Joy (You Gotta Love Love)"

     [theme credit in "Television Theme Recordings: an 
      Illustrated Discography, 1951 - 1994)" by Steve Gelfand]

     Composers: Bernard ("Buddy") Arnold (ASCAP),
                Hal Collins (ASCAP), and
                Milton Berle (ASCAP) [professional name of Mendel Berlinger]

     1978 Publisher: The B-H-V Co. (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher: The B-H-V Company (ASCAP), of
                     New York, NY
     Copyright Date: Nov. 30, 1966; Eu 969 289.
     Renewal Date:   Jan.  7, 1994; RE-655-588.

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