The Dupont Show with June Allyson (dramatic anthology)

    (CBS Primetime, 1959 - 1961)

    [aka: "The June Allyson Show"]

    [this filmed anthology show was produced by Four Star Productions,
     co-owned by her husband, Dick Powell]

Theme: "Theme from 'The June Allyson Show'"

    [above is title as listed on the LP album jacket]

     Composer: Herschel Burke Gilbert (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Four Star Television Music Co. (BMI)

     1988 Publisher: Vogue Music (BMI)

     2001 Publisher: Universal Songs of Polygram International (BMI)
                        c/o Universal Music Publishing Group
                        a div. of Universal Studios
                        of Los Angeles, CA

    ["Folio from 'Dupont Show, starring June Allyson'"]:
     Copyright Date: Feb. 23, 1960; Eu 613 758.
     Renewal   Date: Jan.  5, 1988; RE-370-425.
    ["Music Folio No.2 from 'The Dupont Show'"]:
     Copyright Date: Apr. 4, 1962; EU 713 979.
     Renewal   Date: Jan. 9, 1990; RE-464-157.

    [Theme copyright date 1962, as per LP album jacket]:
     Copyright Date: 1962.

          LP: "Themes from the Original Soundtrack of
                     Four-Star Television Productions"
               Dot DLP-3421/25421 (1962)
               conducted by Herschel Burke Gilbert

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