Days Of Our Lives (soap opera)

    (NBC Daytime, 1965 - present)

    [This long-running series began with a philosophical narration, 
    "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives..."
     which certainly makes one stop and think doesn't it? :-) Is the
     hourglass half full? Or is it half empty? :-)]

Theme: "Days Of Our Lives"

    [above is the title as filed for copyright;
     aka: "Days Of Our Lives (Main Theme)"; 

     Even though the show is only known to have used one melody
     as its THEME in various arrangements during its run,
     the copyright apparently wasn't filed for thirteen
     years, and used a 1974 arrangement when it was;

     Albertine was a big-band arranger who was best known for
     his "American Bandstand" THEME "Bandstand Boogie" and the
     songwriting team of Boyce and Hart were known for their
     songs written for many teen hearthrobs and their THEME for
     "The Monkees"]

     Composers: Charles ("Charlie") Albertine (BMI),
                Sidney Thomas ("Tommy") Boyce (BMI), and
                Bobby Hart (BMI)

     1978 Publisher:

     2002 Publishers: Screen Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)
                         c/o EMI Music Publishing Inc.
                         of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: Mar. 24, 1978; PAu-37-387.
     Renewal   Date:


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