Chet Huntley Reporting (news analysis, hosted by Chet Huntley)

    (NBC Sundays, 1958 - 1963)

    [NBC News anchor Chet Huntley hosted this public affairs and
     news analysis program that aired on Sundays; His co-anchor also
     had a series that ran from 1961 - 1963 named "David Brinkley's

Theme: "Trumpet Voluntary / Trumpet Tune and Air, in D Major"

    [Verified as the THEME in TV Guide article "Looking
     For A Lost Chord?" April 28, 1962, pp. 12-13;

     This THEME was the same one used for awhile on the 
     "Huntley-Brinkley" report (evening news) weeknights
      on NBC;

     This tune was formerly attributed to Henry Purcell as
     the "Trumpet Tune and Air in D"; but then scholars 
     changed their minds, and said that the tune was 
     really written by Jeremiah Clarke and had the
     name "Trumpet Voluntary"; The debate may not
     yet be completely settled...]

     Composer: Jeremiah Clarke (predates ASCAP & BMI)

     Original Publisher:  
     1997 Publisher: [Public Domain]
     Original Composition Date: circa 1700
     Recordings: [numerous]

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