Caribe (police drama, starring Stacy Keach)

     (ABC Primetime, 1975)

     [This Quinn Martin series set in Miami and the Carribean region, 
      pre-dated "Miami Vice" by 9 years; Despite a good cast which
      also included Robert Mandan, and a legendary producer (who also
      produced "The F. B. I." for the previous 9 years) this series 
      lasted less than one season.]

Theme: "Caribe Theme"

    [above is title as it appeared in the 2001 ASCAP Ace database]

     Composer: Richard W. La Salle (ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publisher: Blairwood Music (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher: Blairwood Music (ASCAP)
                        of Carmel, CA

     Copyright Date: [unknown]
     Renewal   Date: [not found]


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