Dial 999 (crime drama, starring Robert Beatty)

    (Syndicated, 1959)

    [a ZIV-TV Syndicated series produced in Great Britain where 
     the number "999" is the equivalent of the national "911"
     emergency telephone number in the U.S.; Beatty played the
     role of a Canadian detective on loan to Scotland Yard to
     learn British techniques (similar to the idea of the later
     U.S. TV series "McCloud" where a western U.S. marshall is 
     on loan to the New York City police department...)]

Theme: "Dial 999"

    [Sidney Torch was an active composer/conductor of production 
     music and radio broadcasts in Great Britain]

     Composer: Sidney Torch (British PRS/ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publisher: probably Esteem Music Co. (BMI)

     2001 Publishers: EMI-Unart Catalog, Inc. (BMI)
                         c/o EMI Music Publishing, Inc.
                         of New York, NY

     U.S. Copyright Date:
     U.S. Renewal   Date:


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