Chance Of A Lifetime (quiz show/talent contest)

     (ABC Primetime,    1950 - 1953;
      DuMont Primetime, 1953 - 1955;
      ABC Primetime,    1955 - 1956)

     [the format changed in 1952 from a quiz show to
      a talent contest; the original host was John Reed King who
      also hosted the series on radio; In 1952, Dennis James
      took over when the format changed to a talent contest.]

Theme 1: "Chance Of A Lifetime"

    [same theme as on radio;

     Verified as the THEME in TV Guide article "It Seems To Me
     I've Heard That Theme Before" July 28, 1956, pp. 12-13]

     Composer: John Marion Gart (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)
     2000 Publisher: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date:


Theme 2: "Chance Of A Lifetime Theme"

    [The writer may be related to host John Reed King]

     Composer: Mildred King Lucas (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP without publisher]
     2000 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP without publisher]

     Copyright Date:


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