Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents (dramatic anthology)

    [Film star Douglas Fairbanks Jr. produced this anthology series 
     which was filmed in both Great Britain and the United States;
     Mr. Fairbanks also acted in a few of the episodes; 

     In the U.S., the series was syndicated nationally to individual
     television stations; it often had local-area sponsorship and
     was re-named with a title specific to the sponsor;

     For example, in New York City, episodes of this series were
     shown as part of "Rheingold Theater", named for its sponsor,
     the brewery of Rheingold Beer; "Rheingold Theater" also included
     several episodes of other dramatic anthology programs which 
     were hosted by Henry Fonda;

     At one point in 1955 episodes of "Rheingold Theater" with hosts
     Henry Fonda and Douglas Fairbanks aired on the NBC network under 
     the "Rheingold" title]

    (Syndicated, 1953 - 1957)

Theme: [under investigation]

    [British film/TV music researcher John R. Docherty writes to
     inform us that this series was scored first by Allan Gray and
     later by Bretton Byrd, both British composers affiliated with
     the British PRS -- Performing Rights Society; and a few episodes
     were scored by American composer Von Dexter; 

     No Main Title or End Credits THEME is listed in the U.S. ASCAP 
     or BMI databases; However since Allan Gray was the original
     composer who scored the majority of episodes, Mr. Docherty
     said it is likely Gray was the composer of the Main Title/End
     Credits THEME;

     For those episodes "re-cycled" on NBC under the title "Rheingold
     Theater" the THEME was the jingle "My Beer Is Rheingold, The
     Dry Beer" based upon Estudiantina Waltz by Lacome-Waldteufel]

     Composer: Allan Gray (British PRS/ASCAP/BMI)
              [professional name of Josef Zmigrod]

     1978 Publisher:
     2001 Publisher:

     U.S. Copyright Date:
     U.S. Renewal   Date:


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