Cavalcade Of Bands (musical variety)

     (Dumont Primetime, 1950 - 1951)

     [this series not only featured a big band ("band of the week"), but
      star vocalists and comedians; it was the first big showcase for
      the Dumont Network, a kind of companion series to Dumont's other
      blockbuster -- the "Cavalcade Of Stars", a comedy-variety series;

      A cavalcade of hosts for "The Cavalcade Of Bands" included Fred 
      Robbins, Warren Hull (who later became an announcer on quiz shows),
      Ted Steele (known for NBC radio's "Monitor" weekends in later years), 
      and finally "Your Hit Parade" vocalist Buddy Rogers]

Theme: "Cavalcade Of Bands Theme"

     Composers: music by Jerome Brainin (ASCAP) and
                words by Buddy Kaye (ASCAP)

     Original Claimant: Stanton B. Fisher, Inc.

     1978 Publisher: [listed with publisher in the 1978 ASCAP
                      Index of Performed Compositions]

     2001 Publisher: [listed without publisher in the 2001 
                      ASCAP ACE database]

     Copyright Date: Feb. 8, 1950; EU 193 130.
     Renewal   Date: 


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