I Married Joan (sitcom, starring Joan Davis)

     (NBC Primetime, 1952 - 1955)

Theme: "I Married Joan"

    [the theme song was sung acapella by the Roger Wagner Chorale;
     Roger Wagner also composed acapella vocal episode cues.]

     Composers: Richard R. Mack (ASCAP) and
                Lyn Murray (ASCAP) 
               [pseudonym of Lionel Breeze]

     1978 Publisher: Arpege Music Corporation (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher: Arpege Music (ASCAP), of
                     Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright Date: [none found]
     Renewal Date: [none found]

     New Recording:
          CD - "Television's Greatest Hits (Vol. 2) (1986)
          TeeVee Toons Records TVT 1200 CD

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