Haggis Baggis (game show)

    (NBC Primetime 1958, hosted by Jack Linkletter;
     NBC Daytime 1958 - 1959, hosted by Fred Robbins and Dennis James)

    [The first host of the daytime version was Fred Robbins; then
     veteran Dennis James was brought in but not even he could save

     The premise was a photo identification quiz, with players
     who won choosing between a "Haggis" -- luxury prize -- or
     a "Baggis" prize which was more practical...] 

Theme: "Haggis Baggis"

     Composer: Ervin M. Drake (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Marian Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     2018 Publisher: Lindabet Music Corporation (ASCAP)
                       c/o The Songwriters Guild
                       of Weehawken, NJ
     Copyright Date: Nov. 17, 1958; EP 124 734.
     Renewal   Date: Jan.  9, 1986; RE-278-837.


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