The Immortal (adventure, starring Christopher George)

     (ABC Primetime, 1970 - 1971)

     [the adventures of an ordinary man who discoveries immunities
      in his blood will enable him to live forever, based upon a novel.]

Theme: "Theme from 'The Immortal'"

    [above is title as filed for copyright;
     aka: "The Immortal"]

     Composer: Dominic Frontiere (BMI)

     1978 Publishers: Bruin Music Company (BMI)
     2001 Publishers: Bruin Music Company (BMI),
                         c/o Ensign Music,
                         of New York, NY

     Copyright Date: Aug. 28, 1969; Eu 135 842.
     Renewal   Date: Jan.  6, 1997; RE-746-610.


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