The Human Jungle (psychiatric drama, starring Herbert Lom and Michael Johnson)

    (Syndicated, 1964)

    [A series produced in England for one season (1963 - 1964) and
     syndicated in the United States the following year; It was made
     by the same production company that produced "The Avengers";
     Besides the unusual title, the series had unusual production
     values including interesting photographic techniques for early
     1960's television;
     In one famous episode, a young Joan Collins (who was to go
     on to fame via her role in the U.S. series "Dynasty" years
     later) stripped all her clothes off in a London subway station 
     because of her character's psychiatric disorder;
     This series presented imaginative stories exploring the
     bizarre side of human behavior; however, the success 
     of "The Avengers" reportedly produced an unusual dilemma 
     for these producers: apparently they didn't have enough 
     production resources or experience to be able to handle
     two complex series at the same time, so they alledgedly 
     dropped this one to focus their efforts on making 
     "The Avengers" a hit;
     Since "The Avengers" spawned multiple-seasons and even a
     second version, who can say the producers made the wrong
     business decision? Artistically though, one might have 
     wished for more episodes of this original series...
     Herbert Lom played the lead role of Dr. Roger Corder, and
     Michael Johnson played Dr. Jimmy Davis.]

Theme: "Theme from 'The Human Jungle'"

     [John Barry, who went on to score the James Bond films,
     recorded the stark early jazz-rock style THEME version used 
     on the air; and it was released commercially as well]
     Composer: Bernard Ebbinghouse (British PRS/ASCAP/BMI)

     Original Publisher: Warner Bro.-Seven Arts Ltd. (British PRS/ASCAP)

     2005 Publisher: Warner Bros., Inc. (ASCAP) 
                    (Warner Bros. Music Division) 
                     div. of Warner-Chappell Music, Inc.
                     c/o MCA Music
                         New York, NY;

     U.S. Copyright Date:
     U.S. Renewal Date:

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