Home (women's magazine show, hosted by Arlene Francis)

    [aka: "The Home Show"]

    (NBC Daytime, 1954 - 1957)

Theme: "Lady Beautiful"

    [Verified as the THEME in TV Guide article "It Seems To Me
     I've Heard That Theme Before" July 28, 1956, pp. 12-13]
     Composer: Frederic Bayco (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Emil Ascher, Inc. (ASCAP), and
                      Francis, Day & Hunter, Ltd. (ASCAP)

     2000 Publisher: KPM Music Division (ASCAP)
                         of Keith Prowse Music (London, England)

     U.S. Copyright Date: March 22, 1954; EFO-27 099.
     U.S. Renewal Date:

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