The Lloyd Bridges Show (dramatic anthology)

    (CBS Primetime, 1962 - 1963)

    [Following his 4 successful years in "Sea Hunt", which was
     distributed in First-run Syndication, Lloyd Bridges attempted this
     network series produced by Four Star Productions. He played a
     free-lance journalist who involves himself in present or past
     dramas, some of which he played a part. So it was a kind of
     hybrid Dramatic Anthology, with Lloyd Bridges introducing
     the weekly dramas and sometimes acting in them. His sons 
     who were starting their own careers -- Beau and Jeff Bridges --
     were cast in some of the roles. But the series only lasted
     one season despite the abundance of Bridges family talent and 
     venerable Four Star Productions behind it. Perhaps audiences just
     couldn't get used to seeing Lloyd Bridges outside of a wet suit.]

Theme: "Lloyd Bridges Theme"

    [Theme title credit in "TV Theme Soundtrack Directory" by
     Craig W. Pattillo. although ASCAP only lists "Lloyd Bridges Cues"
     by several composers including Leith Stevens, undoubtedly 
     one of the cues must be the title above.]

     Composer: Leith A. Stevens (ASCAP/BMI)

     1978 Publisher: BNP Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP) 
                    [div. of Four Star Productions]

     2000 Publisher: Universal/Polygram Latin Music Publishing (ASCAP),
                         c/o Universal/Polygram Music Group, of
                         Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal Date:


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