Janet Dean, Registered Nurse (drama, starring Ella Raines)

    (Syndicated, 1954)

    [one of the first medical series featuring a nurse was this
     series of 39 episodes produced in the mid-fifties; the lead
     was played by Ella Raines, who had been in many B-Pictures
     during the 1940s and 1950s, and who died tragically three 
     years later at a relatively young age of throat cancer.]

Theme: "Main Title Janet Dean"

    [aka: "End Title Janet Dean";
     composer credit in the Internet Movie Database]

     Composer: Jack Shaindlin (BMI)

     1978 Publisher: [not found in the 1978 ASCAP 
                      Index of Performed Compositions]

     2001 Publishers: [not found in ASCAP or BMI]

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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