The Adventures of a Jungle Boy (adventure)

    (Syndicated, 1957)

    [an action series filmed in Kenya by Gross-Krasne productions
     featured a teenage star named "Michael Carr Hartley"; The 
     series was co-produced by a former child star whose name was 
     George Breakston, Jr.;

     This same production team filmed out of Kenya a second
     melodrama called "African Patrol", which was also
     released for Syndication in 1957]

Theme: "Adventures of a Jungle Boy"

     Composer: Hans J. Salter (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Salter Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

     2002 Publisher: Salter Publishing Company (ASCAP)
                        c/o American Friends of Hebrew Univ., Inc.
                        of New York, NY

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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