Judd, For The Defense (legal drama, starring Carl Betz)

     (ABC Primetime, 1967 - 1969)

     [story of a Houston-based lawyer in the mold of F. Lee Bailey
      and other flashy barristers, the series attempted to take a
      cue from contemporary headlines, defending everyone from the
      1960s flower children to corporate tycoons; unfortunately
      it didn't find an audience after two seasons]

Theme: "Judd Theme"

    [BMI title variations...
     aka: "Theme From 'Judd For The Defense'";
     ASCAP title variations...
     aka: "Judd"]

     Composer: Alexander M. ("Sandy") Courage (ASCAP/BMI)

     Orig. Publishers: Twentieth Century Music Publishing (ASCAP), and
                       Hastings Music Corporation (BMI)
                          c/o CBS Catalogue Partnership

     2001 Publisher: [listed without publisher in the ASCAP catalog]
                     Warner-Tamerlane Music/Fox Special Account (BMI)
                        c/o Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date: 1967, on sheet music
     Renewal   Date:


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