Kraft Mystery Theatre (dramatic anthology)

     (NBC, 1961)

Theme 1: "Jazz Dramatic"

     Composer: Robert D. Mersey (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Sam Fox Publishing Co., Inc. (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher: Sam Fox Publishing Co., Inc. (ASCAP)
     Copyright Date: February 3, 1960; EU 611 510.
     Renewal Date:  November 10, 1988; RE-400-430.
          LP: (in the "Synchro-Fox" production library)
               SF 2002A [Side-A, Cut 1]

Theme 2: "Mystery Theatre Theme (Signature)"

     Composer: Richard J. Clements (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: Leeds Music Corp. (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher: MCA/On Backstreet Music, Inc. (ASCAP),
                     c/o MCA Music Publishing, 
                     a division of Universal Studios, Inc.,
                     of Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright Date:

Theme 3: "Kraft Mystery Theatre Theme"

     Composer: John Towner Williams (ASCAP/BMI)
               [formerly known as Johnny Williams]

     Original Publisher: Revue Studios, Inc. [perhaps Hawaii Music (BMI)]
     1998 Publisher: [no listing found...but is probably
                       assigned to:] Duchess/Hawaii Music, Inc. (BMI)
     Copyright Date: June   4, 1963; EU 777 720.
     Renewal   Date: Sept. 18, 1991; RE-541-859.

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