The Jack Paar Program [#2] (talk-variety)

    (CBS Primetime, 1962 - 1965)

    [After Jack Paar's daily work on the NBC "Tonight Show"
     where he worked five nights a week, he rested up a bit and 
     then accepted NBC's offer to host a weekly show on Friday
     nights; presumably the pace agreed more with him and he
     stayed three more years in this slot...]

Open Theme: "Everything's Comin' Up Roses"

    [from the 1959 Broadway Musical "Gypsy", the tune
     was revised with new lyrics by Sondheim, from its 
     unpublished original form as a song called
     "Betwixt and Between", cut from the 1947 musical
     "High Button Shoes" with prior lyrics by Sammy Cahn.]

     Composers: music by Jule Styne (ASCAP), and
                lyrics by Stephen Sondheim (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: Williamson Music Co. (ASCAP), and
                      Stratford Music Corp. (ASCAP)

     1997 Publishers: Williamson Music Co. (ASCAP), 
                         of New York, NY, and
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                         c/o Warner-Chappell Music, Inc.,
                         of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date: Apr. 13, 1959; EP 129 449.
     Renewal   Date: Jan. 27, 1987; RE-328-372.


Middle Theme: "Summertime In Venice", from the 1955 film "David Lean's Summertime"

    [aka:  "Love Theme from 'Summertime'"
     ASCAP alternate title: "Italian Festival",
     First Italian title:   "Vacances a Venise",
     Second Italian title:  "Il Sole che splende qui"]

    [identified as the "Middle Theme" -- played mid-way through
     the Paar/Tonight show -- by Mark Moerson of NBC, in a phone
     interview 3/9/82.]

     Composers: Icini (ASCAP)
               [pseudonym of Alessandro Cicognini], with
                English lyrics by Carl Sigman (ASCAP)

     1978 Publishers: M C A Inc. (ASCAP); and
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                         a div. of Universal Studios, Inc.
                         of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date: May   6, 1955; EP  89 605.
     Renewal   Date: Mar. 22, 1983; RE-163-059.


Closing Theme: "So Until I See You"

    [sheet music found in the San Diego State University library 
     Special Collections Department includes the sub-title
     "Midnight Theme of The Jack Paar Show" above the title.]

     Composers: music by Al Lerner (ASCAP)
               [professional name of Albert Lerner], and
                lyrics by Victor Gari Corpora (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: Lerner Music (ASCAP)
                     [Sole selling agent]: 
                      Criterion Music Corp.
                         of New York, NY

     1997 Publisher:  Lerner Music (ASCAP)
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     2018 Publisher:  Lerner Music (ASCAP)
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     Copyright Date: Oct. 17, 1961; EP 156 776.
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