Kraft Suspense Theatre (suspense anthology)

     (NBC, 1963 - 1965)
     [Syndicated title "Suspense Theatre"]

Theme 1: "Integrales (Excerpt)"

    [this is the title according to BMI Repertoire Index,
     of the section of music adapted from his piece 
     named "Integrales", used on television. ]

     Composer: Edgar Varèse (BMI)

     Original Publisher: [unknown at this time]
     1997 Publishers: Hendon Music Inc. (BMI) and
                         Ricordi (BMI) [Italian]
     Composition Date: (1926)
          CD: "Music of Edgar Varèse"
               ensemble conducted by Robert Kraft
               One Way Records A 26791 (1996)
              [by Sony Special Products]

Theme 2: "Theme from 'Kraft Suspense Theatre'"

     Composer: John Towner Williams (ASCAP/BMI)
               [formerly known as Johnny Williams]

     Original Publisher: prob. Hawaii Music, Inc. (BMI)
     1997 Publisher:   Duchess/Hawaii Music, Inc. (BMI)
     Copyright Date:  October 2, 1963; EU 792 318.
     Renewal Date: September 18, 1991; RE-541-861.

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