The Law and Mr. Jones (legal drama, starring James Whitmore)

    (ABC Primetime, 1960 - 1961)

Theme Version 1: "Law and Mr. Jones (Main & End)"

    [THEME versions were both derived from the 1890's Spiritual
    "When The Saints Go Marching In" with music attributed to publisher
     J. M. Black, who merely may have collected it rather than composed
     it; adapter credit for Version 1 on LP Album below from Four-Star Productions.
     It is the First Version of at least 2 versions created for the series.]
     Source: *Traditional* [Spiritual circa 1890], and

     Adapter/Arranger: Hans J. Salter (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: BNP Music Publishing Co., Inc. (ASCAP)

          [a division of Four-Star Productions, the above music 
           publishing company was named for three of its four
           stars -- Charles Boyer, David Niven and Dick Powell]
     2001 Publisher: Universal-Polygram International 
                                            Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP) 
                        c/o Universal Music Publishing Group,
                        a div. of Universal Studios, Inc. 
                        of Los Angeles, CA

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

          LP: "Dick Powell Presents...
               Themes From the Original Sound Track Of...
               Four Star Television Productions"

               Studio Orchestra conducted by Herschel Burke Gilbert
               Dot DLP 25421 (1962)

Theme Version 2: "When The Saints Go Marching In"

    [This 2nd version was filed for copyright under the above title;
     and credited to Jimmie Haskell as the adapter, and Four Star as the
     copyright claimant. The "new matter" is described as a "string quartet
     accompaniment with counter-melody."]

     Source: *Traditional* [Spiritual circa 1890], and

     Adapter/Arranger: Jimmie Haskell (BMI)
                      [professional name of Sheridan Pearlman]

     Orig. Publisher: Four Star Television Music Co. Inc. (BMI)
     1990 Publisher: Songs of Polygram International, Inc. (BMI)
    [Version 2 registered as adapted by Jimmie Haskell]:
     Copyright Date: March 19, 1962; EU 711 478.
    [Version 2 registered as adapted by Jimmie Haskell]:    
     Renewal Date: Jan. 9, 1990; RE 464 151.


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