Jefferson Drum (western, starring Jeff Richards)

    (NBC Primetime, 1958 - 1959)

    [this was one of the few non-game-show series produced by the
     team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman; it was about a crusading
     newspaperman in an Old West town called Jubilee, who goes on
     his crusade to expose bad guys after his wife is murdered]

Theme: "Jefferson Drum Theme"

    [above is title as filed for copyright; ASCAP sources only
     list "Jefferson Drum Cues"]

     Composer: Irving Friedman (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: SG Music Publishing Corp. (ASCAP)
                         c/o Screen Gems
                         Division of Columbia Pictures, Inc.

     1978 Publisher [of cues]: Colgems-EMI Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

     2001 Publisher [of cues]: Colgems-EMI Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
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    [copyright info courtesy T. Perrone]:
     Copyright Date: Jan. 29, 1959; Eu 559 956.
     Renewal   Date:


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