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Classic U.S. TV Themes, Old-Time Radio Themes and Easy Listening/Light Instrumental Music of the 1930s - 1960s
We honor composers and arrangers who were true craftsmen in instrumental pop and media music, and memorable compositions which are their cultural legacy for us to enjoy for all time...

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This Web Site is in three parts --
each paying tribute to a genre of music from the 1930s through the 1960s:

  • The Light Music Hall of Fame
    (NOTE: Light Music is instrumental orchestral music, which may be known in the United States
    as "Pop Orchestral", "Easy Listening" or "Instrumental Lounge Music")

  • Classic U.S. Television Series Themes
    (also known as "Signature Tunes", "Main Titles & End Credits" or "Open/Close Themes"; plus
    a list of familiar TV and Film studio logos; and classic long-running advertising jingles)

  • Old-Time U.S. Radio Series Themes
    (also known as "Signature Tunes", "Main Titles & End Credits" or "Open/Close Themes")

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