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"Great Songs of Madison Avenue"

Published by Quadrangle Books / div. of The New York Times Co.
formerly of New York, NY
Publication date: 1976

[Transcriptions of 115 classic advertising jingles]

Edited by Craig and Peter Norback
Music arrangements and autography by Kenneth J. Costa
Table of Contents:

Product/Jingle Name (composers)

Dairy Queen / A Scrumpdillyishus Day (Robert Larranaga & Dale Menten)

Air France Makes It Easy To Get There (Doris Elliot & Don Elliot)

Aqua Velva [after shave lotion] / Aqua Velva Man

Chicken Of The Sea / Ask Any Mermaid (Dick Marx & Associates)

Aunt Jemima [pancake mix] / Aunt Jemima (Silver Dollar) (Jack Palmer & Clarke Van Ness)

Bit-O-Honey [candy bar] (Ben Allen)

Gerbers [baby food] / Bringing Up Baby

Brush Your Teeth With Colgate (Robert Forshaw)

Brylcream [hair creme] / Brylcream, A Little Dab'll Do Ya (John P. Atherton)

Buster Brown Shoes

Call For Phillip Morris

Cricket [cigarette lighters] / Catch A Cricket

Chesterfield [cigarettes] / Chesterfield, Twenty-One Great Tobaccos

Chock Full O' Nuts Is That Heavenly Coffee

L&M [cigarettes] / Come On Over To The L&M Side

Kool [cigarettes] / Come Up To Kool

Delta [airlines] / Delta Is Ready When You Are

Peter Paul [candy] / Different Bites For Different Likes (Joey Levine)

Arm & Hammer [baking soda] / Don't Think The Future

Doublemint Gum / Double Your Pleasure (Mike Chan & Dick Cunliffe)

Pepsi-Cola / Feelin' Free

Coca-Cola / Fifty Million Times A Day (Ben Ludlow)

Firestone [tires] / Firestone Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Honda [motor co.] / First For Good Reason (Mike Navarro & Dan Navarro)

Ford [motor co.] / Ford, It's The Going Thing (Murray Skurnick & Stan Tarner)

Gerber / Gerber Knows How Babies Grow

Wildroot Cream-Oil [hair cream] / Get Wildroot Cream-Oil Charlie (Tad Dameron & Woody Herman)

Gino's [fast food] / Gino's Gives You Freedom Of Choice (Joey Levine)

Greyhound [buses] / Greyhound's In Touch With America

Halo [shampoo] / Halo Everybody Halo (Joe Rines)

Wheaties [cereal] / Have You Tried Wheaties?

Honda [motor co.] / Hello Trees (Bob Menegger)

Black Label [beer] / Hey, Mabel, Black Label

Chiclets [gum] / I Like Chiclets

Bosco [chocolate syrup] / I Love Bosco (Joan Edwards & Lyn Duddy)

The Wiener Song (I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener) (Richard D. Trentlage)

Miller [beer] / If You've Got The Time, We've Got The Beer (Bill Backer)

Chiquita Banana (I'm Chiquita Banana) (Len Mackenzie, Garth Montgomery & William Wirges)

Imprévu [perfume] / Imprévu [instrumental] (Geraci & Richards)

Dr. Pepper [soft drink] / It Tastes Too Good To Be True (Joe Brooks)

Coca-Cola / It's The Real Thing. Coke (Bill Backer)

Kodak Makes Your Pictures Count (Terry Cushman & T. P. West)

Planters [peanuts] / Let There Be Planters (Jess Korman, Nick Ullett & Stan Tarner)

Yellow Pages / Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

Life Savers [mints] / Life Savers

State Farm [insurance] / Like A Good Neighbor (Jerry Gavin, Keith Rheinhard & Barry Manilow)

Lipton [tea] / Lipton Whistle Song (Lee Schumer)

Wella [hair products] / Love Your Hair

Manischewitz [wine] / Man Oh Manischewitz (Myron Mahler)

RC Cola [soft drink] / Me And My RC

American Dairy Assn. / Milk Is A Natural

Campbell Soup Co. / Mmm, Mmm, Good

Dr. Pepper [soft drink] / Most Misunderstood Soft Drink (Joe Brooks)

Dr. Pepper [soft drink] / Most Original Soft Drink Ever (Randy Newman & Jake Holmes)

United Airlines / Mother Country

Mutual Of Omaha [insurance] / Mutual Of Omaha - People You Can Count On (Jerry Gavin & Sid Woloshin)

Rheingold Beer / My Beer Is Rheingold The Dry Beer

Household Finance Corp. / Never Borrow Money Needlessly (Bill Walker)

Swanson [frozen dinners] / Next Best Thing To Your Good Cooking

Sara Lee [desserts] / Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee

Mueller's [egg noodles] / Nothing Goes With Everything Like Mueller's (Phyllis Levinson & Neil Warner)

Old Spice [after shave lotion] / Old Spice [waltz jingle derived from "The Marriner"]

Mustang [cars] / Only Mustang Makes It Happen (Murray Skurnick, Jerry Sussman & Stan Tarner)

L'eggs [hosiery] / Our L'eggs Fit Your Legs (Tom Dawes)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer [adapted from the traditional nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians"]

Pan American Airlines / Pan Am Makes The Going Great (Warren Pfaff & Stan Applebaum)

Pennzoil [motor oil] / Pennzoil Please (Ronald Lee Phillips & John Andrew Tartaglia)

Pepsi-Cola / Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot

Pepsi-Cola /You've Got A Lot To Live-- Pepsi's Got A Lot To Give (Spencer Michlin & Joe Brooks)

Pillsbury [flour products] / Pillsbury Says It Best (Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Somethin' From The Oven)

Plymouth [cars] / Plymouth Is Out To Win You Over (Artie Fields)

Cheerios [cereal] / Pow, Pow, Powerful

Propa P.H. [acne cream] / Propa P.H.

Tic Tac [breath mints] / Put A Tic Tac In Your Mouth (Bob Hildt, Frank Nicholo, Neil Warner & Larry Levinson)

Real Goodness From Kentucky Fried Chicken (Hal Kome)

Rinso [laundry whitener] / Rinso White

Roto-Rooter [drain service] / Roto-Rooter (...And Away Goes Trouble Down The Drain)

Schaefer [beer] / Schaefer Is The One Beer (Jim Jordan, Joe Hornsby & Ted German)

Sears [department stores] / Sears Where America Shops (Noel Digby, Gus Chan & Dick Marx)

Chevrolet [cars] / See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet (Leon Carr & Leo Corday)

Hawaiian Punch [beverage] / Seven Kinds Of Fruit In Hawaiian Punch

Kellogg's Rice Krispies [cereal] / Snap, Crackle & Pop [N. B. Winkless, Jr.]

Kleenex [tissues] / Soft, Strong, Pops Up Too

Peter Paul Mounds and Almond Joy [candies] / Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Chesterfield [cigarettes] / Sound Off For Chesterfield (Willie Lee Duckworth & Bernard Lentz)

Polident [denture cleaner] / Stay Close To Someone (Michael Cohen)

Jack-In-The-Box [restaurants] / Take Life A Little Easier (John Annarino & Sid Woloshin)

Coppertone [tanning lotion] / Tan Don't Burn, Get A Coppertone Tan

A&P [supermarkets] / The Big Red Team

Armour Hot Dogs / The Dogs Kids Love To Bite (The Armour Hot Dog Theme) (Clay Warnick)

Texaco Star Theme (The Man Who Wears The Star) (W.A. Fredericks, Woody Kling & Buddy Arnold)

Budweiser [beer] / The Thracian Horse Music (instrumental) (David Broekman)

Lark [cigarettes] / There Is Nothing Like A Lark

Coca-Cola / Things Go Better With Coke (Bill Backer)

L&M [cigarettes] / This Is The L&M Moment (Jess Korman & Stan Tarner)

Gillette [razor co.] / To Look Sharp (March) (Mahlon Merrick)

Tootsie Roll [candy] / Tootsie Roll Lasts A Long Time

Reese's [candy] / Two Great Tastes

Intnl Ladies Garmet Workers [union] / (Look For) The Union Label (Paula Green & Malcolm Dodds)

Ajax [cleanser] / Use Ajax The Foaming Cleanser (Joe Rines)

Viceroy [cigarettes] / Viceroy Gives You All The Taste All The Time (Richard Delia & Stan Applebaum)

Westinghouse / Westinghouse Makes It Happen (Morty Jay)

Robert Hall [clothiers] / When The Values Go Up!

Budwieser [beer] / Where There's Life, There's Bud (Bob Johnson & Russ David)

Winston [cigarettes] / Winston Tastes Good

Buick [motor co.] / Wouldn't You Really Rather Have A Buick?

MacDonald's [restaurants] / You Deserve A Break Today (Keith Reinhard, Richard Hazlett, Ed Farran & Kevin Gavin)

Marlboro [cigarettes] / You Get A Lot To Like With A Marlboro

MacDonald's [restaurants] / You, You're The One (Keith Reinhard, Dan Nichols & Ginny Redington)

Pepsodent [toothpaste] / You'll Wonder Where The Yellow Went

Virginia Slims [cigarettes] / You've Come A Long Way Baby

Bumble Bee [tuna] / Yum, Yum, Bumble Bee


Nestle's [chocolate] / N-E-S-T-L-E-S (Alan Robert Scott and Marilyn Scott)

The New York Times [newspaper] / The New York Times (Home Delivery) (Paula Green & Tommy Goodman)

"The Jingle Man (by Steve Karmen)"

Published by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
of Winona, MN & Milwaukee, WI
Publication date: 1980

[All the jingles below were composed by Steve Karmen who was a
 major national jingle composer of the late 1960s and 1970s]

Table of Contents:

Product/Jingle Name (copyright date)

Cadillac - A Standard For The World (1974)

Chrysler Plymouth Comin' Thru (1970)

Your Next Car Is A Chrysler (1968)

Plymouth Makes It (1969)

Ford, That's Incredible! (1979)

Breakaway In A Wide-Trackin' Pontiac (1968)

Pontiac / Stand Up (1973)

The More You Know, The More You'll Want Delco (1970)

Exxon / Energy For A Strong America (1976)

General Tires / Sooner Or Later You'll Own Generals (1972)

Michelin Tires / We Made It First, We Make It Last (1974)

Prestone Anti-Freeze / You Know It Protects (1976)

Midas Mufflers / Don't Compromise, Midasize (1976)

Sunoco Oil Corp. / I Can Be Very Friendly (1973)

Sunoco Is Making Every Drop Count (1979)

Annhauser Busch Natural Light [beer] / Take A Natural Break (1977)

Annhauser Busch Natural Light [beer] / Won't Fill You Up, So It Won't Slow You Down (1976)

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer / Give That Man A Blue Ribbon (1980)

Budwieser Beer / Bud Is The King Of Beers...But You Know That (1968)

Budwieser Beer / Here Comes The King (1971)

Budwieser Beer / When You Say Budweiser? (1976)

Budwieser Beer / When You Say Budweiser, You've Said It All (1970)

Budwieser Malt Liquor / The First Malt Liquor Good Enough To Be Called Budweiser (1972)

Colt .45 Malt Liquor / A Completely Unique Experience (1972)

Colt .45 Malt Liquor / You'll Be Sorry For All The Time You Wasted (1972)

Michelob Beer / The Michelob Drinking Song (1971)

Michelob Beer / Weekend Pops (instrumental) (1977) - based upon "Weekends Were Made For Michelob"

Michelob Beer / Weekends Were Made For Michelob (1975)

Michelob Light / Good Taste Runs In The Family (1978)

National Beer / The Land Of Pleasant Living (1971)

Diet Rite Cola / Everybody Likes It (1971)

Fresca / Tastes Like A Soft Drink (1972)

R.C. Cola / It's Right For You (1972)

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlors / Farrell's Is Fabulous Fun (1975)

Jack-In-The-Box [restaurants] / Ji-Ji-Jack, Ji-Ji-Jack -- Jack In The Box (1977)

Tic Tac / It's Time For A Tic Tac (1977)

(Hershey Is) The Great American Chocolate Bar (1977)

There's Nothing Like The Face Of A Kid Eating A Hershey Bar (1969)

Doublemint Gum / Doublemint Will Do It (1972)

Juicy Fruit Gum / Let's Pick A Pack (1973)

Wrigley Spearmint Gum / Carry The Big Fresh Flavor (1973)

Wrigley Spearmint Gum / You'll Like The Big, Long-Lasting Flavor (1974)

Burry's Cookies / The Burry's Blues (1975)

Buc Wheat Cereals / Feelin' Like A Million Bucks (1974)

General Foods International Coffees / It's Our Flavor That Makes Us Special (1976)

Sunbeam Bread / A Sunwich Is Better Than A Sandwich (1976)

Salem Cigarettes / You Can Take Salem Out Of The Country, But... (1976)

Tijuana Smalls [cigarettes] / You Know Who You Are (1969)

Braniff Intnl. Airlines / We Better Be Better (1979)

Northwest Orient Airlines / We Give You Half The World (1974)

T.W.A. Airlines / A Taste Of Europe -- Trans World Service (1974)

New York State Tourism / I Love New York (1977)

The Detroit News / You Haven't Read The Paper Until You've Read The News (1975)

Southwest Bell Telephone / What Else Is So Nice For The Price (1976)

Great Adventure Amusement Park / The Greatest Day In Your Life (1975)

U.S. Brewers Association / Pitch In To Clean Up America (1971)

Beneficial Finance / It's Great To Know You're Good For More (1971)

Beneficial Finance / That's What It's All About (1978)

Beneficial Finance / At Beneficial (Doot! Doot!) You're Good For More (1968)

Nationwide Insurance / Call Nationwide, 'Cause Nationwide Is On Your Side (1969)

Dial Soap / Aren't You Glad You Use Dial (1974)

Purina Cat Food / Purina In The Little Blue Can (1974)

Hush Puppies Are Dumb (1972)

Scholl's Sandals / The Comfortable Life (1974)

"TV Commercials For Piano"

Published by Bradley Publications, New York;
Distributed by Columbia Pictures Publications
formerly of Hialeah, FL
Publication date: 1982

[Arrangements for Easy Piano by Richard Bradley]

Table of Contents:

Product/Jingle Name (composers) (copyright date)

Amtrak [trains] / America's Getting Into Training (Jake Holmes) (1981)

Chicken Of The Sea [tuna] / Ask Any Mermaid (Ralston Purina Company) (1970)

Pepsi-Cola / Catch That Pepsi Spirit (David Lucas) (1979)

Polaroid [film] / The Best Minute Of The Day (Mitch Leigh) (1976)

American Airlines / Doing What We Do Best (Tom Dawes) (1976)

Maxwell House [coffee] / Good To The Last Drop (Spencer Michlin, John Hill, et al) (1976)

Coca-Cola / Have A Coke And A Smile (Billy Davis & Suzanne Ciani) (1979)

Dr. Pepper / I'm A Pepper (Jake Holmes) (1977)

Kentucky Fried Chicken / It's So Nice To Feel So Good About A Meal (Short Tunes Ltd.) (1980)

Meow Mix [cat food] / The Meow Mix Theme (Thomas G. McFaul) (1976)

Sara Lee [desserts] / Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee (Mitch Leigh) (1972)

Alka Seltzer [antacids] / Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz (Tom Dawes) (1976)

Band-Aid [bandages] / Stuck On Me (Barry Manilow) (1975)

Oscar Mayer [wieners] / The Wiener Song (Richard D. Trentlage) (1965)

Toyota / You Asked For It - You Got It - Toyota (Toyota Motor Sales) (1976)

McDonald's [restaurants] / You Deserve A Break Today (Sid Woloshin & Kevin Gavin) (1971)

"The Commercial Songbook"

Published by Columbia Pictures Publications
formerly of Hialeah, FL
Publication date: 1983

[A modest collection, but contains full credits for composers and dates]

Table of Contents:

Product/Jingle Name (composers) (copyright date)

Coca-Cola / Coke Is It! (Ginny Redington, John Bergin & Ken Schulman) (1981)

Diet Coke (Just For The Taste Of It) (Peter Cofield) (1982)

Aren't You Hungry For Burger King Now? (Jake Holmes) (1981)

Florida Dept. Of Citrus / Orange You Smart? (Joey Levine) (1982)

Hi-C Drink Box "Hero" (Sicurella/Smythe) (1983)

(Tab) Beautiful Drink (Rod McBrien, Billy Davis & William "Bill" Backer) (1976)

The Wiener Song (Oh, I Wish I Were An Oscar Mayer Wiener) (Richard D. Trentlage) (1965)

American Airlines / It's Good To Know You're On American (instrumental) (Joe Brooks) (1971)

Maxwell House Coffee / Good To The Last Drop (Spencer Michlin & John Hill et al) (1976)

Minute Maid Orange Juice "First Taste" (Stephen Fechtor) (1983)

The Alka-Seltzer Theme (Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz) (Tom Dawes) (1976)

Pan American Airways / Welcome To The World Of Pan Am (Joe Brooks) (1973)

Cadbury Chocolate / How Can You Say You Love Chocolate (If You've Never Tasted Cadbury) (Joe Brooks) (1974)

ABC Television Network / Come On Along With ABC (Frank Gari & Arthur Schroeck) (1982)

"TeeVee Toons: The Commercials"

Published by CPP/Belwin Music Corporation
of Miami, FL
Publication date: 1990

[These jingles were transcribed from the CD of the same name 
 produced by TeeVee Toons (now TVT Records); no jingles include 
 copyright dates or composer credits]

Table of Contents:

Product/Jingle Name

Ballantine Premium Lager Beer / Add A Ring [adapted from "Round And Round"]

Chock Full O' Nuts Is That Heavenly Coffee

Good & Plenty [candy] / Choo Choo Charlie

Pepsi-Cola / Come Alive

Colt .45 Malt Liquor / A Completely Unique Experience (instrumental)

Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies / Do You Know Exactly How

Armour Hot Dogs / The Dogs Kids Love To Bite

Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juice / Fruit Juicy

Lowenbrau Beer / Here's To Good Friends

Muriel Cigars / Hey, Big Spender

Ballantine Premium Lager Beer / Hey, Get Your Cold Beer

Bosco [chocolate syrup] / I Love Bosco

Marshmallow Fluff / If You Like Fluff, Fluff, Fluff Fluffernutter

NYS Department of Safety / In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle

Slinky [toy] / It's Slinky

Chiquita Banana / I'm Chiquita Banana

Health Public Service Announcement / Like Father, Like Son (instrumental)

Brylcream [hair cream] / Brylcream, A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Gillette Blue Blades [razor] / Look Sharp March

Old Spice [cologne] / The Mariner (instrumental)

Polaroid Swinger / Meet The Swinger

Mr. Clean [cleanser] / Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean

Rheingold beer / My Beer Is Rheingold, The Dry Beer [adapted from "Estudiantina Waltz"]

Ken-L-Ration Dog Food / My Dog's Better Than Your Dog

Nestle's Chocolate / N-E-S-T-L-E-S

Sara Lee / Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee

Fab Laundry Detergent / Oh Fab, I'm Glad

Muriel Cigars / Pick One Up and Smoke It Sometime

Alka-Seltzer Antacids / Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz (by Tom Dawes)

Rice-A-Roni / The San Francisco Treat

Schaefer Beer / Schaefer Is The One Beer To Have

Chevrolet Motors / See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet

Alka Seltzer Antacids / The Shape Your Stomach's In [aka: "No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In"]

Peter Paul Mounds & Almond Joy / Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Noxzema Shave Cream / The Stripper (Take It Off) (instrumental) (by David Rose)

Ajax Laundry Detergent / Stronger Than Dirt

Texaco / The Texaco Star Theme (by Buddy Arnold & Woody Kling)

Marlboro Cigarettes / The Marlboro Song (Theme From "The Magnificent Seven") (by Elmer Bernstein)

Hershey's Chocolate Bars / There's Nothing Like The Face

Ajax Cleanser / Use Ajax, The Foaming Cleanser (by Joe Rines)

Budweiser Beer / When You Say Bud (by Steve Karmen)

Schlitz Beer / When You're Out Of Schlitz

Winston Cigarettes / Winston Tastes Good

Salem Cigarettes / You Can Take Salem Out Of The Country But... (by Steve Karmen)

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