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Studio 57 (dramatic anthology)

    (Dumont, 1954 - 1955; 
     Syndicated thereafter)

    [aka: Heinz Studio 57;

     This dramatic anthology was sponsored by Heinz Foods, makers
     of ketchup and other products including soups which were
     advertised as being available in "57 different varieties"]

Theme: "Ma Petite"

    [above is published title, as seen on sheet music and
     on the published version filed for copyright;
     original unpublished title as filed for copyright: "My Petite"]

     Composers: music by Herschel Burke Gilbert (ASCAP), with
                lyric by Gus Kahn (ASCAP)
                        [professional name of Donald Gustave Kahn], and
                Stanley Herbert Styne (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Marlen Music Company (ASCAP)
                         of Beverly Hills, CA

     1998 Publisher: Sundoe Music Company (ASCAP);
                     The Songwriters Guild (ASCAP)
                        of Weehawken, NJ; and
                     Gordon Music Company, Inc. (ASCAP) of
                        of Canoga Park, CA

     Unpublished Copyright Date: March 19, 1952; Eu 270 999.
     Unpublished Renewal   Date: 

    [as piano/vocal sheet music errata: "Heinz Stage 57"]
     Published Copyright Date: Jan. 27, 1956; Ep 101 931.
     Published Renewal   Date:


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