Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (adventure, starring Richard Simmons)

     [aka: "Challenge of the Yukon", based upon a radio series 
      which aired 1947 - 1955. Produced by the Wrather Corporation.]

     (CBS Primetime, 1955 - 1958;
      NBC Saturday reruns, 1963 - 1964)

Theme: "Challenge of the Yukon", adapted from the "Donna Diana Overture"

    [the theme was adapted from a section of the Overture of the
     1894 opera, "Donna Diana", by the Austrian composer Emil von Reznicek;
     The writer who adapted the THEME into the version named "Challenge
     of the Yukon" is unknown at this time.]

     Composer: Emil Nikolaus von Reznicek
     Original Publisher (of the arr:) [unknown] (ASCAP)
     1998 Publisher:  [public domain]
     Original Composition Date: 1894
        78rpm single "Challenge of the Yukon"
                     [label & orchestra unknown]

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