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Mr. District Attorney (crime drama)

    (First Series: ABC Primetime, 1951 - 1952;
     Second Series: Syndicated, 1954; by ZIV-TV)

    [52 episodes produced by ZIV-TV;
     based upon a radio series which aired from 1939 - 1953]

First Series Theme: "Brutal Regiment, from the 'Monkey Mystery Suite' in the MUTEL Music Service library"

    [aka: "THEME NO. 2 (Dramatic-Full)" in the Capitol "Q" Library;
     aka: "Federal Men (Main Title)" by Melvyn Lenard Gordon
     Library music expert Paul Mandell has been on the trail of various
     library cues that derived from old "B"-pictures, that were re-used in
     "The Adventures of Superman" and other TV series. For his "Superman" 
     CD released in 2000 Mandell wrote in liner notes that this track was
     traced to a Main Title by Herschel Burke Gilbert for an unnamed
     motion picture that "was set in Turkey".
     However, some experts on the site of Film Score Monthly think there
     was NO picture scored by Gilbert "set in Turkey", and that the true
     author was Joseph Mullendore. They blame the confusion on the woeful
     state of music cue sheets filed for the "Superman" series.
     Mandell also claims that for the purpose of the MUTEL library, tracks
     that originated in "B" pictures were adapted and re-orchestrated by
     Joseph Mullendore (and presumably recorded by an orchestra in France
     as was the custom of the MUTEL "Music For Television" Library to get
     around U.S. Musician's Union restrictions. It is thought that orchestra
     was assembled and conducted by George Tzipine.)
     So at least Mullendore had a role as orchestrator, if he was not the 
     original author of this cue. The alternate writer "Melvyn Lenard
     Gordon" was a pseudonym for publisher David M. Gordon who sometimes
     inserted his name for the purpose of royalty collection, but only 
     appeared on a set of cue sheets for the "Federal Men" syndicated
     This mournful march was also used as a THEME for the "True Detectives"
     radio series, and for "Federal Men" -- the syndicated title of the 
     TV series "Treasury Men In Action", which see...];

     Composer: Herschel Burke Gilbert (ASCAP),
               adaptation/arrangement by Joseph ("Joe") Mullendore (ASCAP/BMI)

     Original Publisher [in the MUTEL library]: Marlen Music (ASCAP)

     2000 Publisher: John Paul Music (ASCAP)

     Copyright Date: 
     Renewal   Date:

          On tape in the "MUTEL" (Music For Television) library;

          also 78 rpm reference disks in the Capitol "Q" Series library.
          Q- 1:3  THEME NO. 2 - OPENING (Dramatic-Full) (0:46)
          Q- 1:4  THEME NO. 2 - CLOSING (Dramatic-Full) (0:24)
          Q-12:2  THEME NO. 2 - Long Version (Dramatic-Full) (01:16)

          CD: [Excerpt in track: "Brutal Regiment"] on the CD
              "Adventures of Superman - the Original 1950s
                  Television Series"
              [produced by P. Mandell and B. Kimmel]
               Varèse Sarabande 302 066 093 2 (2000)

Second Series, Syndicated Theme: Documentary Theme No. 2, from the World Broadcasting System ("WBS") library

     [aka: "Mr. District Attorney" (BMI title credited to Peter Yorke);
     aka: "Highway Theme 2" (??);

     also in the WBS library owned by ZIV-TV, and used 
     as the THEME for syndicated episodes of "Highway Patrol" 
     which aired under the title "Ten-Four." See also the 
     listing under "Highway Patrol".
     The name of "Ray Llewellyn" was a pseudonym of David Rose, 
     Ray Bloch, and others who "ghost-wrote" for ZIV-TV series,
     and for its World Broadcasting System (WBS) music library.
     Since "Mr. District Attorney" had the alternate theme title
     of "Highway Theme 2" attributed to Peter Yorke in the BMI
     database, it is believed that Yorke was the "ghost writer" 
     of this particular THEME.]

     Composer: credited to Ray Llewellyn (ASCAP/BMI)
              [pseudonym of ZIV/World Broadcasting System library writers],
               probably by Peter Yorke (British PRS/ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: Esteem Music (BMI)
                            c/o ZIV Television

     1999 Publisher: World Broadcasting System Inc. (BMI)

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:

           78rpm in the World Broadcasting System library
          "Documentary Theme #2" on the disk label
           WBS D-568:S

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