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Life With Luigi (sitcom, starring J. Carrol Naish)

     (CBS, 1952)

     [Originated on CBS radio 1948-- with same music THEME;
      Short-lived on TV because of a racial stereotyping
      controversy and sponsorship problems]

Theme: "Oh Marie - Oh, Marie"

    [Theme credit in "Stetcheson Classified Song Directory", 1961
     and "The Big Broadcast", 1966, 1972;

     The original Italian title was: "Maria, Marì"]

     Composer: Edoardo Di Capua (predates ASCAP & BMI)

     Original US Publisher credit: [unknown]

     1978 Publisher credit:    [public domain]
     Current Publisher credit: [public domain]
     Copyright Date: [w/English lyrics, on or before 1937 
                      date of Horace Heidt 78 rpm recording]
                     [original composition as "Maria, Marì"
                      dates from 1899, according to Mario Biondi,
                      music researcher in Italy]
     Creation/Publication date: Published circa 1899 in Italy.
         78rpm by Horace Heidt and his Orchestra
                  Brunswick 7920 (1937)

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