The Donald O'Connor Show / Here Comes Donald (comedy-variety)

    [umbrella title: "Texaco Star Theater"]

    (NBC Saturday Nights, 1954 - 1955)

    [O'Connor was also a host of "The Colgate Comedy Hour", which see.
     He also attempted a Syndicated talk show briefly in 1968...
     this Saturday night show alternated under the umbrella title of 
    "Texaco Star  Theater" with "The Jimmy Durante Show", which see; 
     Milton Berle's Tuesday night show was also known as "Texaco Star 
     Theater", which see;

     This series had a loose pretext of being a sitcom starring
     musical film star O'Connor, who was given chances to perform
     along with his guest stars]

Open Theme 1: "We Are The Men of Texaco"

    [Texaco Oil Co. jingle, used as an opening,
     aka: "The Texaco T.V. Star Theatre Theme Song",
     aka: "The Texaco Star Theme";
     The publishing company "MilBud music was a joint venture
     of Milton Berle and Buddy Arnold.]

     Composers: Bernard ("Buddy") Arnold (ASCAP), and
                Heywood ("Woody") Kling (ASCAP)
     1978 Publishers: B. Arnold and H. Kling (ASCAP)
     1998 Publishers: Milbud Music (ASCAP),
                         of Los Angeles, CA; and
                      Heywood Kling Publisher (ASCAP), 
                         of Los Angeles, CA
     2018 Publishers: Milbud Music (ASCAP),
                         of Newport Beach, CA; and
                      Heywood Kling Publisher (ASCAP), 
                         of Los Angeles, CA
     Copyright Date: 
     Renewal Date:
                CD - "TeeVee Toons: The Commercials"
                TVT Records TVT 1400 CD (1989)

Open Theme 2: "Texaco Opening / Allen Roth"

    [Copyright application states "portions derived from the 
    'Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2' by Franz Liszt"; also references to
    "We Are the Men of Texaco", aka "Texaco Star Theatre T.V. 
     Theme Song", listed above.]

     Arranger/Adapter: Allen Roth (not affiliated)
     Orig. Publisher/Claimant: Texaco, Inc.
     1998 Publisher: [no publisher listed in ASCAP or BMI]
     Original Creation Date: 1948
     Copyright Date: [month and day NA], 1976; Eu 672 692.
     Copyright Date [new words, some music]: July 10, 1981, PAu-359-618.

Main Theme 3: "Here Comes Donald"

     [Theme credit in the "Stetcheson Classified Song Directory", 1961]

     Composers: Eddie Maxwell (ASCAP);
                Sidney ("Sid") Miller (ASCAP); and
                Donald O'Connor (ASCAP)

     Orig. Publisher: O'Connor Music Co. (ASCAP)

     1978 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP Index of Performed Compositions,
                      1978 edition without publisher]

     2000 Publisher: [listed in ASCAP database without publisher]

     Copyright Date:
     Renewal   Date:


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