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Destiny (dramatic anthology)

     (CBS Primetime, summers of 1957 and 1958)

     [This series was hosted by Francis L. Sullivan; It was a 
      summer-replacement series for Four-Star Production's 
     "Zane Grey Theatre"; It was packaged by Revue Productions;
      It included two original episodes produced in 1953 and 1957;
      the rest were re-runs from other dramatic anthology series]

Theme: "The Destiny Theme"

    [vocal title: ""What Is My Destiny?"]

    [This composition was written by a British trio of
     songwriters who composed the hit, "A Blossom Fell" made
     famous by Nat "King" Cole. They used the joint pseudonym
     of "Milton Carson"."

     Apparently the publisher had high-hopes for this tune, for
     six months later, a lyric was written by Carl Sigman -- who had
     written many hit lyrics for European melodies. The complete 
     vocal title was: "What Is My Destiny? (from The Destiny Theme)."]

     Composer: attributed to Milton Carson (ASCAP/BMI)
              [pseudonym of the composing team of Fields, Barnes & Roncoroni],
               collaboration by Harold Cornelius ("Harry") Fields (British PRS), 
               collaboration by Howard Ellington Barnes (British PRS),
               collaboration by Joseph Dominic Roncoroni (British PRS), and
               lyrics added later by Carl Sigman (ASCAP)

     Original Publisher: John Fields Music Company, Ltd. of
                         London, England;
                              sole US selling agent:
                         Edwin H. Morris (ASCAP) of
                         New York, NY.

     1999 Publisher:  Morley Music Co. (ASCAP)
                        c/o MPL Communications, Inc. of
                        New York, NY.

     Instrumental Copyright Date:  Jan. 1, 1957; EFO-47893.
     Instrumental Renewal Date:   Nov. 21, 1985; RE-276-914.

     Vocal Copyright Date: July 24, 1957; EFO-52506.
     Vocal Renewal Date:   June 21, 1985; RE-252-441.


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